Corona Virus

Enduring Love

Practical tips to deal with the
corona virus.

Corona Virus

How To Protect Yourself
and others

Stay away from large crowds.
The coronas virus can be spread
by affected people.

Practice social distancing,
stay 6 feet away from other

The virus can linger in the air
for three hours, even after
an affected person has left
the area.

When getting gas for your
vehicle, consider the person
before you handled the pump,
nozzle, use gloves to be safe.

Be aware that anything that
another persons touches,
such as ATM and elevator
buttors can be affected.

The virus can linger on parcels
and objects for a period of
24 hours (cardboard).
Others, plastics, metals
2-3 days.

Receive all cardboard parcels
at the door with gloved hands.
Set any non-perishable parcel
aside for 24 hours, and wash

A face mask will help
somewhat to protect you, and
help to prevent you from
spreading the virus to others
if you are affected.

If you need to cough, cough
into your elbow or armpit.

Wash hands consistently.

Do not handshake, give an elbow
bump instead.

Do not touch your face, because
if you have virus' on your hands
you may introduce it to your
nose, mouth or eyes.

Don't get run down by overwork
or worry, stay calm as best as
you can.

Get many hours of sleep, this
is one of your greatest defenses.

Do not go out into the public

Not a good time for travel.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables,
and eat a balanced meal.

Keep a reasonable stock of food
and necessities in the home so
you don't have to venture out
as often.

If possible. shop on line, and
have groceries delivered to
your door.

Remember, stay safe, healthy
and this will pass.


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