Electromagnetic Shielding

EMR shielding paint

EMR Shielding
Paint Instructions

EMR Shielding Paint
EMR shielding paint

EMR Paint

Carbon base paint needs
to be grounded.

Use a good source for
the ground, copper water
pipes, electrical panel
grounding wire, or a
good earth grounding rod.

Bring the ground source
to the area of the wall to be

Bring the ground wire up
to the tin foil and secure
it to the foil with a small
nut and bolt.

Connect it in such a way
so that it is hidden
behind the base board.

See further instructions

You may need to hire a
qualified electrician.
to place the ground wire.

Wall behind Smart Meter

Preparing Wall

Remove base board
and repair wall, fill all
holes with drywall
repair compound.

When compound dries,
knock off any bumps
in the compound, and
then sand.

Paint repaired areas
with undercoat paint.

Preparing Metal

Locate the middle of
the metal foil strip,
peel away the backing
about 2 inches, do
not remove it yet.

Attach two 1 by1 inch
squares of metal foil to
the back side of the
grounding strip where
the grounding bolt will

This provides a greater
strength for the foil and
grounding bolt.

Punch a hole for the small
bolt and place the ground
wire onto the bolt and
tighten to the foil.

Test connection between
bolt and foil with a
multi-meter for a good

Installing Grounding
Metal Foil

Place metal strip on wall
before cutting out
grooves on the top edge.

Groove cut outs insure
more conductive edge,
and good continuity
between foil and carbon
based paint.

Solder ground wires
together, and tuck
away between flooring
and wall.

When paint is thoroughly
dry, apply grounding
metal strip, sticky glue
side to wall.

Smooth out all wrinkles,
cut out Vee slots as this
provides a larger area
for the carbon paint to
bond with the ground

Paint wall with two coats
carbon based paint,
right over metal foil.

When paint is dry, paint
over with two coats of
latex white primer paint,
then two coats of latex
paint, color of your
choice, it may take up
to four coats to cover.

Cut away back side of
baseboard in area of
ground bolt, to make
room for grounding
bolt head.

Install baseboard.

Tape wall with green
tape, with a brush, paint
the EMR around the

Paint two coats of EMR
paint, roll on.
Use a non splatter roller.

EMR paint on back wall.

Test on dry EMR paint

Before applying the finish
latex paint coats, test for
continuity between the
ground strip and EMR
shielding paint.

Set the multi-meter to
the X1 ohms scale.
Place one test lead against
the grounding bolt head,
and the other lead up the
wall, as far as the testing
leads will allow.

The meter should show
almost a full scale deflection.
This proves a good bond
between the grounding
strip and the EMR paint.

The first coat of white primer
paint going on reduces the
number of paint layers
needed to cover the black.

Paint Container

The instructions on the paint
container say not to eat, drink
or smoke during application.
Keep the area well ventilated,
and wash hands, or body
after contact with the product.

It also specifies to keep children
and pets away from the product.

I have watched videos where
people have no face mask or
rubber gloves on during

It may be that the
manufacturer is really
covering their back, so
there can be no complaints
with their product.

The product has low odor,
goes on much like regular

Covers well, and goes a
long way.


Have plenty of rags handy,
place cardboard on floor
right up to wall to catch
any drips.

Use a face mask, eye
protection, and wear latex


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