Honda Accord Tire
Change Instructions

Instructions to change a tire
on a 2006 Honda Accord.

Honda Accord Tire
Change Instructions

Honda Accord wheel.

Changing a Tire
Honda Accord

Changing a tire can be done
safely in a short time when
you understand the process,
and know where the tire
and tools are located.

A tire may have to be
changed along side the road
because of a flat tire, or at

when you want to exchange
summer or winter tires.

Find a level spot to work,
if there is a slight incline,
block the tires on the low
side, to keep the car from rolling.
Place the car in park and pull
the emergency brake.

Open the trunk, on the right
hand side there is a plastic
panel, turn the knob, one quarter
of a turn and the panel will open,
remove the panel.

The car jack is located inside
the panel. Turn the end of the
jack screw eyelet
counter-clockwise, this will
cause the jack to loosen and
be removable.

Inside the trunk
of a Honda Accord

Spare tire and tools

Lift the panel on the bottom of
the trunk, located above the
spare tire, where you find the
spare tire and tools that are
needed to loosen the wheel nuts,
and work the jack.

Remove the spare tire and tool
pouch. Place a piece of cardboard
or equivalent matting near the
work area to kneel on.

With the tire iron, loosen slightly,
all the wheel nuts on the wheel
that you are working on, while
the tire still rests on the ground.

Under the car on the frame of
the car, about a foot in from
the wheel, is an extended tab
of metal extending downward
a half inch, and about three inches

Place the jack beneath this tab.
With the jack beneath the metal
tab, crank the jack by hand until
the jack is in place and snug
between the car and ground.

Use the crank assembly, the
tire iron connected to the metal part
to form a crank.

Crank clockwise to raise the car
high enough to clear the wheel
from the ground.

Loosen all the wheel nuts on the
wheel with the tire iron, and finish
removing the nuts by hand.

Place the nuts in a neat pile
where they are out of the way.

Honda Accord wheel jack

Jack crank assembly

Lift the winter tire off the wheel
studs, and place the summer tire
onto the wheel studs.

Start tightening all the wheel nuts
by hand, then with the wheel wrench
until snug.

Crank the jack anti-clockwise to
lower the car, until the tire just
touches the ground. Tighten more
with the tire iron.

Crank the jack all the way down
and remove the jack.

With the short tire iron tighten
all the wheel nuts as tight as
you can. Tighten in a cross hatch
fashion, see top picture for
tightening sequence.

Place the jack and tools back in
the trunk where you got them.
Turn the jack eyelet clockwise
until the jack is snug, this will
stop any jack bumping and
rattling noises.

Replace the jack cover, turn
the knob one quarter turn to

Place tool pouch in the spare
tire wheel well, and close cover
over the wheel.


If you need to change a tire on
the road, drive slow and pull off
to a safe location.

It is very dangerous to park on
a busy road, a car coming behind
may not realize you are parked
and ram into the back of your car.

Pull off as far as you can and
Use your 4 way flashers.

Tires rim retaining nuts need to
be retightened, re-torque
(85-100 ft lbs)after driving the
first 100 km.
If not retightened, the nuts
may work loose and fall off, the
tire may leave the vehicle.

Winter tires metal rims may
rust because of the elements.

When placing the winter rims,
on the vehicle, coat the wheel
hub beneath the rim with a
coating of a wax base or
something similar to prevent
the metal rim from rusting
to the hub, which can make
it very difficult to remove
in the Spring.


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Change Instructions,
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