Kefir Testimonials

Kefir Testimonials.


What is kefir, it is cultured
cow's or goat milk.

Why do people take the
time to make kefir?

There are many reasons,
let us look at a few.

Those that have taken
the time to make kefir
have found the benefits
associated with this

They find that the cultured
friendly yeast, and
pro-biotic action friendly
to the gut.

Here is an example; a son
introduces his mother to
kefir to help her with her
digestive disorders.
She agrees to taste the
kefir, but finds it not to
her liking and rejects it.

The mother's sister who
also has digestive disorders
(ongoing diarrhea) agrees to
try kefir.
Although she also dislikes
the taste, tries it anyway.
Almost overnight she finds
her diarrhea gone.

She tells her sister what
kefir has done for her
and because of the benefits
they both agree to keep
drinking kefir, even though
they do not like the taste.

Most people enjoy the taste
of kefir, but everyone is

Interesting after the milk
is cultured, by simply
flavoring the drink, the
taste can be altered.

Another example, a woman
has suffered a long time
with Candida.
She would regularly buy a
product from a drug store
to alleviate the burning
sensation and stop the
Candida for a short time.
She found this to be only
a temporary solution as
the Candida kept returning.

She heard about kefir from
a friend and decided to also
try kefir in the hopes of it
helping her with the problem
of Candida.

She found the kefir settled
her stomach and quite by
accident she discovered
when she regularly took kefir
together with a spoonful
of coconut oil, the Candida
subsided and over time
completely went away.

A young woman went out
with a group of friends to
a restaurant to enjoy a
meal together.
They all ordered the same
plate of chicken.

Unbeknown to them the
meal they ordered had
something bad in it, and
they all came down with
diarrhea, save one who
drank kefir on a regular

The powerful pro-biotic of
the kefir overpowered the
bad bacteria in the chicken
and saved her from a
bout of diarrhea.

Some people simply say
that kefir relaxes them.

Others say, kefir helps
make a meal more complete,
and filling.

All in all, there seems to be
an abundance of good
reasons to drink kefir.

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Milk kefir is a cultured
dairy food that originated
in an area between
Europe and Asia.

Milk kefir has bacteria that
is beneficial to our bodies.

Milk kefir contains
phosphorus,vitamin K,
biotin and folic acid.

Milk kefir successfully
protects the digestive
tract from hostile
bacteria that has entered
the digestive tract.


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