Unwanted Ants
in the Home

How to get rid of unwanted
ants in the home.

Ants have been around since
time began, and have survived
on their own without our help.

If the ants stay out of our
homes, no problem, they
probably are beneficial in
some way, but when ants
invade our space, it is
time to act.

Unwanted Ants
in the Home

No Poison Necessary to Get
rid of Ants.

Ants In The Home

Ants and Corn

Ants cannot digest corn products,
and because ants love sugar,
they will eat corn flakes,
it has sugar.

They will gather up all that you
give them and pack it off to
their nest.

When the ants feed on corn
flakes, some now, some later
during the winter, they die,
they cannot digest corn!
End of story, less ants now
and by spring time NO ANTS,

Prepare Corn Flakes
for Ant Control

Buy the cheapest bag of
commercial corn lakes at the
grocery store, they work as
well as the expensive ones.

Make a tiny hole in the bag to
let the air out, place the bag
on the floor and walk all over
it until there is just have a bag
full of small sawdust size
corn flakes.

Spread the corn flakes where
ever you have an ant problem,
in the home, outside around
trees, the lawn, house
and yard.

An added benefit of feeding
the ants, when ants find an
abundance of food outside
the home, they have no reason
to enter into your home,
in search of food.

An advantage of using corn
flakes is the bait is delivered
into inaccessible areas, where
the nest is, and the ants
do all the work in getting it
there, corn flakes are safe
for children, pets, and birds.

Corn kills ants!

Ant Control In
Kitchen Cupboards

To keep ants and insects out
of kitchen cupboards, place
whole cloves in small containers
like a bottle caps, and place it
towards the back of shelf.

All insects hate the smell of
cloves. This keeps your
cupboards nice and spicy

Why Ants Enter
The Home

Ants enter the home because
there is food available for them.

Empty pop cans and bottles left
around have small amounts
of pop within them.

Ants love sugar.

Candy left around and empty
glasses with juice all have
the same effect.

Partial eaten honey and jam
sandwiches are regarded as
real treats to the ants.

I once read an article
about a women who
"struck a deal" with the ants,
she would feed them outside
the home, if they would stay
out of the house.

The ants must have agreed,
they never entered the
home again.

Just goes to show, the ants
go where the food is or put
another way, or stay where
the food is!

When insects enter the home,
spiders also follow the insects,
ants are a source of food for
the spider.

When this happens, you have
another problem on your hands!

Remove anything near the
house that could attract ants.

Overripe fruit, and anything
with sugar will attract ants.

Plug up any cracks or open
spaces that could allow easy
access into the home.

How Ants Find

Ants go in search of food, and
when they find it, they return
to the nest and let the other
ants know where the food is.

Ants leave scent trails (pheromone)
for the other ants to follow.

Ant Homes

Some ants nest in the soil,
others under sidewalks, rocks,
and any wood that has
started to rot, like old logs.

Ant controlling Food

Ants do not like cinnamon,
vinegar and black pepper

Household Product
for Ant Control

If you need to deal instantly
with an over-run of tiny ants,
spray the ants with Windex,
a common household glass cleaner
product, it kills ants instantly.


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