Clean and Oil
a Bathroom
Exhaust Fan

Clean and Oil a
Exhaust Fan

A bathroom exhaust fan
require maintenance about
once a year.

Bathroom exhaust fans
pick up dust, lint and any
other debris that happens
to be in the air.

As the motor gets covered
with dust and grime, the
motor may not cool
properly, resulting in

Fires can even start from
overheated motors.

Because the bathroom
fan is out of sight,
maintenance may be
overlooked by most

When the motor quits or
starts making a lot of noise,
it really needs to be cleaned
and oiled.

If you wait too long the
motor may wear beyond

To start the maintenance,
make sure the power is
turned off. Turn the power
off at the breaker panel.

Remove the grill; usually
one thumb nail screw
holds it in place.

You may have to pry it l
oose from the ceiling, if
it hasn't been removed in
a long time and has got
painted in.

Run a sharp knife around
the edge of the grill
before removing.

This will reduce any large
chips of paint coming off
the ceiling, along with
the grill.

The motor and fan is attached
to a metal bracket and you
can remove the motor and
fan with the bracket as an

Remove the one or two metal
screws holding the metal
bracket in place, and swing
out the fan assembly.

Unplug the fan from the
receptacle, or disconnect
the wires if it is hardwired.

Place the motor and fan on
an old towel to work on.

Brush all the loose dirt with
a small paint brush.

Use a vacuum cleaner to
suck out as much dust
and grime as you can.

Use a DAMP rag with a
cleaning solution, such as
Mr. Clean.
Wipe the fan blades and
motor exterior clean.

Place a couple drops of
number 30 weigh oil on
each end of the motor

You may have to separate
the motor to get at the
one end.

Two long bolts hold it

When done, spin the fan blades
by hand; wipe off any excess
oil with a rag.

Use a Vacuum cleaner on
the ceiling enclosure.

Reassemble the unit, place it
back into its closure, connect
the power wires and replace
the ceiling cover.

Turn the power breaker
switch on and test the
bathroom fan.

The fan should be functioning

You have just completed the
maintenance on your
bathroom fan and saved
yourself some problem and,
money later on.

The newer fan assemblies may
use a different type of
fan/motor that will not fit
into the old ceiling fan box.

If the complete fan assembly
needed to be replaced,
it would result in more time
and expense.

Remember a drop of oil
in time saves money
and time.


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