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Bathroom Sink

However you choose to
upgrade your bathroom.
Stick with one theme.

Think matching accessories,
bathroom set, bath mat,
and towels.

Consider the color and
design of new shower
curtains and rings, bring
everything in the room

If you are painting, choose
colors to enhance the decor,
keep the ceiling slightly
lighter than the walls.

Choose the tile for the
backsplash to accent
the room.

In the early planning stage,
choose dispensers for
conditioner and soap to go
with the theme.

The dispensers will keep the
clutter down around the tub,
and make easy cleaning.

Consider using something
like a small wicker basket
to keep toiletries organized
on the sink counter.

Store all cleaning supplies
out of sight.

A new washer less facet is a
great idea to improve the
look of a bathroom, it is
streamlined, and easy to
clean, and can be
operated efficiently with
the back of one hand.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is non-allergenic,
easy to clean, and comes in
a large assortment of colors,
designs, patterns, and

Ceramic tile is a beautiful
products, practical, adds to
the decor of the bathroom,
provides a barrier to water,
and cleans up very well.

This is the perfect way to
add decor to a small room
like a bathroom.

Because the job only
requires few tiles, an
expensive ceramic tile
can be chosen, with very
little expense.

Plan the Area
to be Tiled

Pencil in the outline on the
wall where the tile will go,
this will provide a guideline
for the thin set, when it is
applied to the wall.

If you are going to use a
metal border, it will be
the first thing you apply
to the wall.

Use a non-modified thin
set (cement compound) to
attach the border to the
wall, and also the tile.

Tile does not allow
moisture to pass through

To promote drying use non
modified thin set, as the
thin set will dry beneath
the tile.

Use a grooved trowel to
apply the thin set.
This spreads the thin set
to a uniform thickness,
and allows room for the
thin set to move when
you adjust the tiles on
the wall.

When you join one section
to another, you can either
guess at the spacing between
one panel and another, or
you can use spacers of the
right thickness.


Only apply enough
non-modified thin set
(cement compound) to
the wall for the tiles you
are placing.

Butter the back of each
tile, this will insure a good
The buttering only has
to be minimal, not too

When placing tile to the
wall, use spacers to keep
the grooves consistent.

When all the tiles are applied
to the wall, wipe off any
excess thin set on the tiles
and grooves.

Use a damp tile sponge
(specially made for this
Wipe, and repeat wipe until
perfectly clean.

Leave the tiled backsplash
for two days before

Choose a grout that will
either match the tile or
contrast the tile.


Mix up your grout compound,
a little goes a long ways, so
do not mix up too much,
at one time.
You can always mix more
as needed.

If you form a mound, the
mixed grout consistency
should remain in a pile,
and not flatten.

A too wet grout will shrink
excessively as it dries.

Think peanut butter
Spread the grout evenly
over the tiles.

Work the grout into the
grooves and wipe away
the excess.

Buy and use a proper grout
spreading trowel, it has a
rubber surface and works
the grout easily into the

The rubber edging removes
the excess grout very well.

To finish up, use a damp
sponge to clean up the

Spend a lot of time and use
a lot of clean water here.

The cleaning will make or
break your job.

Sealing the Grout

Read the directions on the
box of grout to find out the
correct drying, curing
period, before you seal
the grout.

Seal the grout once a year.
This will keep the grout in
good condition, by keeping
water and dirt out, which
prevents the grout from


Wear safety glasses and
latex gloves to protect
your eyes and to keep
the thin set from drying
your skin.

Clean the surface of the
tiles several times to
prevent any thin set from


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