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Platform Bed Instructions.

Build a Platform Bed

Platform Bed Plans and
wood platform bed plans and instructions

Wood Platform Bed

This platform is built from
common house construction
dimension lumber.

Note: 2x6 construction
studs are approximately
1-1/2 inches in thickness,
and 5-1/2 inches
in width.

2x6 studs, and 1x4
dimensional lumber are
used in this project,
for about a total cost
of around $75.

Buy all the material in
10 foot lengths.

Five 2x6s, Nine 1x4s,

Twelve, 3-1/2 inch long
1/4 inch carriage bolts,
nuts, and washers.

Thirty, 3-1/2 inch deck

Eighty-five, 1-3/4 inch
deck screws.

View of Leg Construction
platform bed leg plans

Platform Bed

This plan is for a bed 16 inch
in height.

Adjust the measurements
to your specifications.

Note: In this project the mattress
sits three inches higher than
the leg height.

The inside measurement of the
bed frame is 76 inches in length,
and 55 inches in width.

The legs are screwed together
with three, 3-1/2 inch deck

The legs are mounted 2-1/4
inches from the bottom of the

Three holes are drilled for the
bolts, two in the wide
portion of the leg, and one hole
in the narrow part.

Holes are drilled 1-1/8 inch from
the edge.

Drill the holes in the legs first,
then use these hole to guide
your drill bit in the frame.

Note: When assembling the legs,
match up the sections so the
widest portion is on the bed
frame ends.

Make up one center beam
2X3 inches, 76 inches long.

Taper ends 3 inch back to
2-1/4 in.

Secure in place with two 3-1/2
inch deck screws on each end.

Place 2x1-1/4 inch rails onto
the frame, between the legs,
to screw the cross slats

Place one slat at each end of
the rail frame, and one in the
center permanently.

these three slats give the
frame stability for moving
the frame, all other slats
and legs can be placed when
the bed is in a bedroom.

Picture shows cross slats
platform bed cross slats

17 slats are used, spaced
1 inch apart,

Make up two one inch
blocks of wood and use as
a spacing jig.

Place two screws in each
slat, on each end, and
one in the center beam.

Leg Plans
bed leg plans


Round all edges, A router
works very well for this

Sanding or painting is
an option.


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