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Keeping Bed Bugs
Out of the Home

Bed Bugs

Prior to World War Two
And Now

Bed bugs were common to the
home prior to World War Two.
For the next fifty years, little
were seen of them.

In the last five years, the bed
bug has made a huge come
back, up 300% in the last
couple of years.

They are a particular problem
in hotels, motels and hostels,
where there is a big
turnover in occupancy.

Protect Clothing From
Bed Bugs

While in a hotel or motel,
always keep clothing off
the bed and floor.

This is hard to get your
children to do, but is so

When traveling place luggage
on the folding racks provided,
and never place your clothes
on the bed.

If in doubt about a place,
keep you clothes in plastic
garbage bags, hanging
in the closet, or in the bath
tub, until you are sure
it is okay.

When returning home from
a trip, store any clothing
that you will not be needing
right away in plastic garbage
bags, or dry cleaning bags.

If any bed bugs happen to
be hiding, they will expire
in time, and kept within
the bags they cannot freely
move about the home.

The quickest way to deal
with bed bugs when
returning, is placing the
clothes directly into the
clothes dryer, this will kill
any bugs that may be
hiding within the clothing.

Steps to Take
In the Home

Seal mattress and pillow
with a plastic, or tightly
woven zipped cover.

Any bed bug trapped inside
will expire in time.

Do not use any poison that
can come in contact with
your skin, or fumes you
may inhale.

Wash all your bed linen and
place in a hot dryer for 20

Also outside the bed bug
can be dealt with.

Any linen placed outside
in the winter in the very
cold for five days will do
the job.

In the hot summer heat,
clothes placed in a black
plastic bag, or in a closed
vehicle out in the sun will
dehydrate them over time.

Vacuum a mattress regularly,
be aware that the eggs can
stick to the bed linen, and
may have to be scraped off
while vacuuming.

Place the vacuum bag in
a sealed plastic bag, and
discarded outside the
house into a garbage can.

When Buying Used
Clothing or Mattress

Bed bugs are also found
in commercial businesses,
buses, apartments,
and the home.

It only takes one hitch
hiking on your clothing to
infest the whole home.

If you are bringing used
clothing into the home,
inspect it thoroughly,
and run it through the
dryer on high for a few

Wash all clothing before
use, whether new or used.
Do not bring a used
mattress into your home,
and even when buying
a new one, inspect it
thoroughly, before using.

Bedbug Life Cycle
and Habits

Bed bugs can live up to
a year without feeding
and their nymphs up to
about three months.

They do not carry disease,
but can cause you a great
deal of stress.

They are about 1/4 inch
long, flat, which means
they can hide just about

They hide in seams of a
mattress, cracks in wall,
or wood bed frame.

Their activity is reserved
for the night time, in the
day they hide.

The adult will feed at least
once a week, and the host
usually is unaware, until
welts appear.

The nymphs go from egg
to adult in 4 weeks.


If you buy used books, flip
through the pages outside
the house, to make sure
no bugs are residing within
the pages or cover of
the book.


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