Bedding Organizing,
and Mattress Tip

Tips on organizing bedding,
and extending the life
of your mattress.

Bedding Organizing

Store all your bedding,
fitted sheet, top sheet and
pillow cases in one bundle.

When it comes time to
change the bedding,
simply take your stored
bundle, unwrap and place
on bed.

Everything you need to do
the job is there.

No more chasing around
looking for pillow cases,
et cetera.

Take the flat sheet and fold
in half and then in half
again lengthwise resulting
in approximately one and
a half by four feet.

bout one foot from the end
fold the sheet and lay the
fitted sheet on top of it.

Next fold and lay the
pillow case on top of the
fitted sheet.

Finish by wrapping it all
together ready for storage.

The next time you have
company, you will be ready.

Extending the Life
of a Mattress

Once a month, flip your
mattress over.

Every second month rotate
your mattress head to toe.

This will save your mattress
from developing sag and
wear spots in one area and
give your mattress longer
Vacuum the mattress before
flipping to get rid of skin
cells and mites.


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