Changing a GE Dryer Drive Belt.

How to change a drive
belt on a stand alone
GE dryer.

Changing a GE Clothes
Dryer Belt

Unplug the dryer, disconnect
the venting pipe and move
the dryer out into the open,
so it is easier to work on.

Stand in front of the unit
and locate the two top holding
spring clips.

There are two, located near
the outer edge.

Slip a putty knife between
the top seam, and at the
same time pull the front
panel towards yourself.

Do the same with both sides
of the unit.

Pull the front cover towards
you and lift the cover out
of the bottom and away
from the dryer.

Set the cover out of the way.

On the under edge of the
top cover you will see two
screws at each outer edge
that attach it; remove them
and lift the top cover up
and then towards yourself.

It will come loose from the

Place it out of the way.

There is a screw on the top
of each side panel, near
the back; remove these
screws and this will allow
you to spread the side
panels a little, allowing
enough space for the drum
to slide out.

Next, on the back of the
dryer there is a small panel
near the bottom right
hand side; remove the
holding screw and cover.

Reach inside (take note
of how the idler roller is
positioned on the belt)
and release the belt roller
tension idler from the
drum belt; it is under
slight pressure because
of the spring arm.

At the front of the dryer,
while looking into the
drum you will see screws
holding the metal screen at
the back inside of the drum.
Remove them and the screen.

Grasp the drum and pull
it towards you and out of
the machine.

The belt can be replaced
without removing the drum,
but the drum must be
removed in order to
replace the rear bearing.

When putting the dryer
back together, just
reverse the order in
which you took it apart.

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