Old Silver Coin Value

Calculate the value
of old silver coins,
older than 1965.

Silver Coin
Value Calculator

Silver coins produced
before 1965 are
90% silver

Calculate Old Silver
Coin Value

Entry Form

Value of Silver:$per ounce

Number of Dimes:

Number of Quarters:

Number of Half Dollars:

Number of Dollars:


Dime Value:$

Quarter Value:$

Half Dollar Value:$

Dollar Value Markup:$

Total Value:$

How To Use This Silver
Coin Value Calculator.

Enter current price of
silver per ounce.
(approximately $8.00 ounce)

Enter number of dimes,
quarters, half dollars,
and dollars.

5 dimes=$2.80,

3 quarters=$4.32,

2 half dollars=$5.92,

1 dollar=$6.24.

Total silver value=$19.28


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