Dash Camera Cord
Cold Weather Fix

Instructions to help prevent
the breakage of a stiff
dash camera power cord
in cold weather.

Dash Camera
Cord Breakage

Dash Camera Cold
Weather Cord Fix.

Dash Camera Power Unit

Dash Camera
Cord Breakage

With the number of vehicle
break ins, most people
remove the dash cam
when they leave the

Or at the very least
remove it from out of
sight by unplugging to
discourage a break in.

The more times the dash
cam and power cord is
removed, the more likely
is the chance of
breaking off the stiff
power cord from
its base.

Years ago electric clothes
irons had a metal spring
around the power cord
where it entered the iron
to keep it from breaking.

Any cord powered unit
needs extra protection
where the cord enters
the unit, especially if
the cord has hard plastic
coating and in a cold
weather environment.

Add in a lot of moving,
and there is a huge
chance of breakage.
of the power cord.

Years ago electric power
cords had more of a
rubber coating, than the
plastic of today.

The older rubber coated
wires stood up better
in cold climates.

I came up with a solution
to use an old idea to
remedy today's problem
of wire breakage.

I hope this approach
will help protect the dash
camera power cord.

Springs can be located
in hardware stores and
places like Princes Auto.

Installing the Spring

Make an adjustment of
the bottom of the
spring to fit your power
plug into.

Start at one end of the
spring and thread (spin)
in onto the power cord.

Finish up by Appling a
little epoxy around the
bottom of the spring
and plug in.

If the cord is already
broken on your dash cam,
you will need to buy a
new one.

The power plug, most
times do not come apart
and cannot be fixed.


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