Deck Plant Stand

Instructions to build
a deck plant stand.

Deck Plant Stand

Deck Plant Stand

Building a Deck
Plant Stand

Placing potted plants directly
onto a deck can cause
stains to the deck.

If the plant container,
is metal, rust marks can
mark the deck.

Build a deck plant stand
to keep the pots directly
off the deck.

Stacked plant stands

If you make three
different length plant
stands, they stack very
nicely when not used.

Materials needed to build
a deck plant stand.

If you have just completed
a deck project, use the
left over boards to build
deck plant stands.

If you know of someone
else who has just
completed a deck, ask
them for the left over
deck boards, they will
most likely be glad to
get rid of the short pieces.

Build the plant stand to
any length, usually the
left over piece dictates
the length.

18 inches is a good length.
If the deck is small, 12
inches is a good length
for a single pot.

You need, eight 1-3/4 inch
deck screws.

Pilot drill the holes to
prevent splitting.

Make the feet 9 -1/2
inches in length.

Make the feet ends 2
inches in length.

Make the back bone
of the feet 1 inch in


Sand all wood before
nailing together.


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