Vehicle Comparison

Calculate the travel cost
difference between an
electric vehicle and a
gasoline driven vehicle.

Compare Travel Cost
Electric to Gasoline

Compare electric to
gasoline travel cost.

Entry Form

Liters per 100: Vehicle

Cost: Per Liter

EPA: Electric

Cost Hydro: Per Kwh


Gasoline:$Per 100 Kilometers

E Fuel Cost:$Per 100 Kilometers

Difference:$Per 100 kilometers

Using this Vehicle
Travel Cost

This calculator compare a
gasoline vehicle travel
cost to a electric

Enter Liters per 100

Enter cost per liter.

Enter EPA, (Kwhs)
1000 of watts per 100

Average is 18-33.

Enter hydro cost per kilowatt.


Liters per 100: 6
Cost of liter:$1.25
EPA: 33
Hydro per kilowatt: .12
Difference of $3.54
Per 100 kilometers.

The efficiency of a well made
electric motor can be as
high as 60 percent, but,
only at optimum rpms
and load.

The electric vehicles electric
motor, considering rpms
and load, will average
about a 25 percent efficiency.

The older vehicle engines
with a carburetor can
average about a 25
percent efficiency.

Newer vehicles with fuel
injection engines obtain
about a 30 percent

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Compare an electric and
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