Eyebrow Tweezing

How to tweeze for
a natural look.

Eyebrow Tweezing

Grooming the Eyebrows
by Tweezing

eyebrow tweezers

Tweezing Eyebrows

Tweezing is the most
efficient way to groom your

Men as well as women will
benefit from a weekly
grooming session.

It is much easier to maintain
a clean appearance by
performing this task more
frequently, than having to
start from scratch every
few months.

Check for re-growth and
strays frequently.

Your goal is to achieve a
natural, neat, well groomed
look, not an artificial

If you have a particularly
sensitive eye area you may
want to try tweezing after
a shower.

You will want this area
warm and damp so that
the pores are open and
more receptive to plucking
out hairs.

The pain of plucking your
brows can also be
alleviated by applying baby
teething gel to the area.

Use a good quality tweezers
such as one made by Revlon.
This tweezers has a good
ergonomic design for a
sturdy grip.

It has slanted edges which
makes it easier to grab
individual hairs.

A lighted magnifying mirror
is a must if you can not
find natural light from a

You will find these items
in the make up section of
department stores and
drug stores.

The best time for you ladies
to tweeze your eyebrows
is a week after your period
begins. Your body is more
receptive to hair removal
at that time.

To tweeze grab one individual
hair at the base near the
root and pull quickly and
smoothly in the direction
of the hair growth.

You may want to hold the skin
surrounding this area
taut as you tweeze.

When removing hairs, only
pluck one hair at a time.

Stand back frequently and
look into a wall mirror to
gauge how you are doing.

Stick to the general rule
of not removing any hairs
above the eye brow.

Only tweeze obvious strays
as you want to carefully
maintain your natural arch
and shape.

You will only remove strays
like those near eyelids and in
between eyes or strays past
the outer end of the brow.

Be careful to avoid making
spaces in the brow when
plucking. Keep brushing your
brow with a small eyebrow
brush in the direction of
its natural growth, checking
your progress often as
you tweeze.

Try to balance each eyebrow
following your natural look.
Do not over define as you
will get an aging and artificial

You do not want a permanent
startled look or the look
of a Kewpie Doll
When done apply Aloe Vera
gel to calm down any
irritation you may have caused.
This gel is cooling and healing.

If you have accidentally over
done the tweezing in an
area do not fret. You can
use an eyebrow pencil
and brown shadow to make
temporary repairs.

Choose a pencil closest to
your own color.

Put the pencil into the freezer
for a while to harden it.
This will give you a more
delicate, hair like feathering tip.
You can also press a brown
shadow into the sparse area.

Be especially careful next
time you groom your brows
to not pluck the areas you
made your initial mistakes
As eventually after plucking
in the same area repeatedly,
that hair may stop growing.

Even better yet, right from
the start, avoid over plucking,
as some hairs may never
grow back.

Better to be careful
the first time.

So make sure you have lots
of time and no distractions
when you tweeze.

Your tweezers can last
you a long time and
you will want them to last.
As you will have paid a
fairly good price for
quality ones.

Take care of them by wiping
the tips with alcohol and
keep them clean and dry.

Sharpen them if needed,
by using a rough grit
emery board.

Well groomed brows brighten
and soften your face.
They help focus on your
beautiful eyes.


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