Fermented Squash
In a Mason Jar

Make fermented squash
in a mason jar.

Fermented Squash

Fermented squash in a jar.
fermented squash

Fermented Squash

1-1/2 pound squash
1 Tbsp salt

Dissolve the salt into 2
cups of room temperature
filtered water.

Peel a raw squash, save
a small section, of the
unpeeled squash to place
on top of the ferment.
This contains the starter.

Cut the peeled squash
into thin finger strips.

Place the finger sized
squash slices into a
one quart jar.
Lay the jar at an angle,
for ease of packing the

Place the piece of unpeeled
squash on top.

Pour the brine over the

If you have Kefir whey,
add 1 Tbsp whey
to the jar.

Submerge the squash,
use a weight to keep the
squash beneath the brine.
(a glass tea candle holder
works well)

Ferment for three-four days.

Remove the weight, place
the proper lid on the jar
and store in the fridge.

Readily consume while
crunchy, this ferment is
not for long term storage.

Cut each strip, so that it
has a strong wedge on
the end. You will be able
to pack the squash tightly
and no weight is required.


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