Garage Sale Pricing

Tips to Have a have a
well planned, and
successful garage sale.

Garage Sale Pricing
And Tips

Tips for a successful
garage sale.

Garage Sale Tips

A garage sale can bring in a good
amount of solid cash.
You can turn unwanted and
unneeded items into cash
and in the bargain you get
to de-clutter your home.

There is a lot of preparation
and a good amount of
organizing to have a successful
garage sale, the benefits are
worth it and you get out what
you put into it.

There is a satisfaction at the
end of the day that makes
it all worth while.

for a Garage Sale

Find a place in the garage,
basement, or a room where
you can place items for a
future garage sale.

The night before the sale move
all the items closer to where
you will have your sale,

In the early morning you can
quickly move all the items
into place.
People searching for bargains,
will arrive early.

Garage Sale

The garage sale sign can make
the difference whether
someone will come to your sale
and stop and shop, or just
drive by.

You can buy ready made garage
sale signs, or you can make
your own. A home made large
colorful sign works even better
than store-bought signs, people
like creativity and this reflects
on what you may have for
them at your sale.

Bland signs, often translate
into bland products.

Buying and placing colorful
balloons out in front of your
yard works very well to draw
in customers.

Direction arrow signs placed at
different roadway intersections
work best.
Not all people are familiar with
street addresses.

Large letters signs that can
be read at a distance work
Test your sign, place it at
a distance of 50 feet, walk
past it and see if you
can read it.

People driving through
intersections only have time
for a glimpse, so your sign has
to say it all in few words.

Use stiff cardboard to
keep it from sagging and
bending and flapping.

Your Garage Sale

Keep you advertising costs
down, use as much free
advertising as you can
possibly get.

Any money put into advertising
comes out of your profits from
the garage sale.

Use free web sites such as
at work, Craig's List, and Kijiji,
which will get the attention
of internet users.

Early in the morning of the
sale, place your colorful home
made signs on telephone
poles at busy street corners.

Make sure the signs provide
clear instructions that direct
people to your place.

The lettering has to be very
large, clear enough for
drivers to read the sign,
without stopping.

Large arrows work best for

Talk to friends and make up
signs that they can post at

Remember to remove the
signs, and any nails from the
poles at the end of the day.

you are Selling

All items for sale must be
clean and in presentable

If an electric item does not
work, state this on the item,
someone may still want to
buy it for parts.

Have an electrical extension
cord handy so the customer
can test electrical devices.

Anything that may seem like
junk to you, can be seen as a
treasure to someone else,
keep this in mind when

Pricing Items
in Your Garage Sale

If you are not sure how to price
an item go with one tenth of
the original price.
Price higher on items more
sought after.

Antiques and jewelry go for
higher prices, as high as the
market can bear.

Keep in mind that most of
these items are things you
want to get rid of, so price
very low.

Remember at the end of
the day, anything not sold,
you have to carry back into
the house.

Price all your books at 25 to
50 cents each, whether magazine,
hard or soft cover.

There will be some exceptions.

Books must be laid out on
something like a tarp, so one
can see the cover of each
book, without picking it up.

If possible place same authors
in the same spot,
you may end up selling a bunch of
the same author in the one

Place a small bench or chair
where people can sit and look
over the books that they are
interested in.

Use masking tape and a felt
marker to price items.
Price all items in even numbers
to make giving change easy.

Price nothing under 25 cents.

Do all the pricing the night
before the sale.

Furniture is more in demand
and can be priced high.

Always price items a little
higher than what you want
to get, you can bargain with
the customer and drop the
price a little, and still get the
value you wanted, out of the

If you are not sure you really
want to sell an item, price
very high. If you sell it, fine,
if not, that's ok too.

Have a small box that you
can keep in a safe location to
make change. Have an
assortment of bills and coins.

Keep plastic grocery bags and
boxes for your garage sale.

Customers will use these to
take away the items they have

Adult Clothes do not sell well
in a garage sale.
They need special storage to
keep them in good shape,
and take up too much
room at your garage sale.

Children clothes and toys sell
very well.

It is advisable to take all
clothes in the very best of
condition to a consignment
store, you will get your best
value there.

Take all other unwanted
clothes that you have not
worn in the last 2-5 years, but
may still be of use to a
Salvation Army, Value Village,
or thrift store.

Someone else will find use
for these clothes.

Encourage others in the
neighborhood to have a
garage sale the same day,
buyers love a neighborhood
garage sale.

If you are by yourself and
your neighbor is also, you
may want to cover for each
other during a snack, or
bathroom break.

Have your sale on the first
weekend of the month, this
is just after payday for most

The night before the sale
have your table and garage
sale items moved closest to
the outside as possible,
you must get setup and all
your items out as quickly as

There is always someone
who will turn up earlier
than you want them too
and you can't be in two
places at the same time.

State on your sign the time
the sale starts, and then
start a hour before that time
setting up.

Provide yourself with a chair,
something to eat and drink,
once the sale starts, you will
only have a moment here
and there to eat and drink.

Only accept cash, unless
you know the person.

Place a free box by the curb
and place anything in it that
you think has no sale value,
but may still be of use to
This promotes a happy feeling
for the shopper.

If they are looking at the free
box, they may also buy
a priced item.

Have a felt pen with you
throughout the day, products
that are not selling may
need to have their prices

Be alert, watchful, available,
and helpful.

Enjoy the sale.


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