Garage Sale Pricing

This calculator takes the
guess work out of pricing

Garage Sale Pricing

Easily price
garage sale items

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Original Price:$Estimate


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Quick Sale:$

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Garage Sale Pricing
Calculator Instructions.

This calculator is designed
to help with the first time
garage sale.

Not sure what to price items,
use this garage sale pricing
calculator to make a good

Some items you want to sell
for sure, others it doesn't
really matter.

Some items that don't sell
are going to the dump
anyway, others, you don't
want to pack back in the
house at the end of
the day.

But you really want to make
some money.

Start high in the morning,
and reduce the price
throughout the day.

If you do not know the
original price, make
a rough guess.

Put yourself in the customers
place, what would you pay
for an item?


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Garage Sale Item
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