Gluten Information

Gluten Information,
what gluten is, where it
is found, and how it


Gluten is an amino acid
found in grains, such as
wheat, barley and rye.

Gluten is the substance in
bread that helps it rise
when baking, makes the
bread easier to cut and
helps the bread not to

Gluten gives bread a
chewy texture.

Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is an
incurable digestive disorder,
that may last a lifetime.

Celiac disease is an
autoimmune disorder
that damages the
small intestines.

People who have celiac
disease cannot tolerate

They experience digestive
disorders such , as diarrhea,
constipation and abdominal
Other symptoms are poor
concentration, joint pain,
bloating, gas, fatigue and

Because of poor digestion,
there may be weight loss.

Safe Foods

Some foods that people with
celiac disease may eat are;
fruit, vegetables, lean
protein, nuts and legumes.

Potatoes, peanuts and black
beans are also good choices.

Spelt an ancient grain
which has less gluten, can
be tolerated by some
people who have celiac

Spelt is a heart healthy grain.

Some cosmetics contain
gluten, so one has to
choose wisely.

Real sourdough made from
real sourdough starter has
been known to be
tolerated by people with
celiac disease.

Bread may be further
tolerated if the flour used
is soaked over night in
water and organic apple
cider vinegar; mix
together the sourdough
starter and soaked flour.

Always work with your


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