Ham Radio Antenna
Length Trim Calculator
for Lowest SWR.

Ham Radio Antenna
Length Trim Calculator

Di-pole half wave antenna
for ham band frequencies.

Ham Band Dipole
Half Wave Antenna
Trim Calculator

Entry Form

Present Length:In Feet

Present Lowest Mhz:In Mhz

Desired Middle Mhz:In Mhz

Total Length

Revised Length:In Feet

See link below for decimal
to feet conversion.

Using this Ham Radio
Antenna Calculator.

Enter present antenna length.

Enter present lowest
frequency in Mhz.

Enter desired middle
frequency in Mhz.

Calculator for
approximate trim.


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Ham Band Antenna Length
Trim Calculator For Lowest.
Standing Wave Ratio (SWR).

Calculate a Ham Radio
Dipole Antenna length
Trim at findnchoose.

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