Headlight Bulb Change

How to change a headlight
bulb on a 2006 Honda

Honda Accord
Bulb Change

Headlight Bulbs
headlights change instructions

Honda Accord
Headlight Bulb

Changing a headlight bulb
can be done safely in a short
time, when you understand
the process.

There are two ways to
change a headlight bulb,
from the top, or from the
side of the vehicle.

If you use the side method,
the splash shield in front
of the wheels must be

These instructions are for
the top method.

The headlight bulb can be
changed in about thirty

Halogen gas filed bulbs are
under pressure, they can
shatter if dropped, handle
with care.

Do not touch the glass with
your fingers, the oil on your
skin will shorten the life of
the lamp.

If you happen to touch the
lamp, wipe clean with alcohol.

Always wear safety glasses
when changing a headlight

Turn the headlight on and
take note of which bulb you
need to change.

If you are changing the bulb
on the driver side, lift the
hood, remove the battery
from the vehicle.

To remove the existing bulb,
reach in and squeeze the
release lever tab on the
white plastic electrical

While pressing and holding
the release tab inward,
wiggle the connector free
from the headlight bulb.

Press the headlight lamp
unit inward and rotate
counter-clockwise, and
remove the existing
headlight bulb.

Insert the new bulb unit,
press inward, and turn
clock-wise. Snap the wire
connector back onto the
bulb unit.

If you are changing both
sides do the other side
in the same manner.

When you remove the
battery power from a car that
has a radio anti-theft device,
the radio is de-activated and
will not operate until the
security code is re-set.


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