How To Find Employment

Find employment,
find a job or career.

Seeking Employment

Eight Tactics
To Track Down a Job

Contact Professional
in Your Field

National, regional and local
professional organizations
exist in great part to help
their members with career

Many organizations include
field-specific job listings on
their Web sites or in their
printed publications.

Check out the Career
Contact & Alumni Network,
comprised of alumni,
employers, parents, students
and friends who have
offered to share their
career experiences with
students and alumni.

Visit Company
and Organization
Web Sites

Many companies and
organizations post their job
openings right on their own
web sites (usually under an
"Employment" or
"Career Opportunities" link).

Apply Directly
to Organizations
That Interest You

Do you know you want to work
specifically for a specific
Company or Organization,
then send a well-written cover
letter and your resume
directly to the company,
either to its human resources
office or, often more effective,
to the person who would
likely make hiring decisions
for the part of the
organization that interests

It isn't always easy to find
the right person to get in
touch with; typically, you'll
have to do some digging.


Generally the most effective
job-hunting approach,
networking is simply talking to
people to either track down
helpful personal contacts
or learn about job openings
that may not necessarily be
widely advertised or
advertised at all.

Start by talking to your own
family, friends and

Let everyone in your life
know you're looking for
a job, and give them an
idea of what type of job
you want.

If there's a professional
organization in your field,
join it and start participating
in its meetings and other
events so you can get to
know people in your area
of interest.

Work with a career counselor
at your school, to both tap
his contacts and learn of alumni
from your school who might
be able and willing to lend
you a hand in your search.

Finally, don't forget to tap
your professors
connections as well.

Visit Your Campus
Career Center

Most colleges and universities
have a career center staffed
by counselors and other
professionals dedicated to
helping students with career
development concerns.

Take advantage of the
services available to you
right in your own backyard,
if for no other reason than
the fact that your tuition
dollars are helping to pay
for them.

Participate in Job

Many cities, particularly large
ones, host job fairs at various
locations throughout the year.

Most colleges and universities
hold their own job fairs as
well, either individually or
in collaboration with other
A job fair is a rare opportunity
to have employers come
to you.

So make sure you attend
job fairs whenever possible.

Do not overlook cold calls,
where you just drop in to a
business and inquire if they
are hiring.

Use a Placement Agency or

There are companies out there
that specialize in helping
people find jobs.

Some of them even focus on
working with college students
and recent college graduates.

Maybe one of them can help you.

Consider Temp Work

Often, by working briefly as
a temp for a company, you
can position yourself to be
hired for a full-time,
permanent position that
opens up later on.

Even if that does not happen,
however, working as a temp
can help you see various
companies from the inside,
meet people in your field of
interest and earn some
pretty good money.

The more diverse your
job-hunting methods are,
the more opportunities
you'll uncover and the
greater the chance is that
you'll find, and land,
the job you really want.
Good luck in your job search!

What Do Employers

Technical skills are expected,
but what they are also looking
for is "soft" skills, leadership,
communication and collaboration.

The people who will succeed in
business are the ones who
get along well with others.

There is a growing importance
of team work, because of the
increasing team-based work
The employers won't keep
the ones who have negative
behaviors no matter how
brilliant and talented they
may be.

Strategic thinkers have a
big advantage, but being
honest and sincere has no

If you really interested in
working for a company, offer
to work for a week at no

A week out of your life is a
small price to pay for
landing a job.

In this time you can give
them an idea who you
really are.

Stay focused, and determined,
and at the same time pick
up new skills.


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