Kefir Instructions

This is Hope's recipe for
making Kefir.
Here is step by step
information to make fresh
healthy Kefir using
Kefir grains and
pasteurized cow's milk.
It is a simple enough
process for anyone to do.

Relive the ancient art of
making Kefir in your own

Only basic kitchen utensils
found in the kitchen are

Hope's Recipe using Kefir
grains and cow's milk to
make a healthy Kefir

Step by step information
is provided.

Instruction e-Book

Link to Hope's Kefir e-Book

About Kefir
Kefir Testimonials.

Milk kefir is a cultured dairy
food that originated in an
area between Europe
and Asia.

Milk kefir has bacteria that
is beneficial to our bodies.

Milk kefir contains phosphorus,
vitamin K, biotin and folic acid.

Milk kefir successfully protects
the digestive tract from hostile
bacteria that has entered
the digestive tract.


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Instruction e-Book
for making and looking
after kefir (milk),
at findnchoose.

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