Lawn Fertilizer

Calculate the correct
amount of lawn fertilize
according to nitrogen
content of the fertilizer.

Lawn fertilizer

Calculate fertilizer
for a lawn.

Entry Form

Lawn One
Lawn Length: In Feet

Lawn Width: In Feet

Lawn Two
Lawn Length: In Feet

Lawn Width: In Feet



Lawn One
Fertilizer: Pounds

Fertilizer: Kilograms

Lawn Two
Fertilizer: Pounds

Fertilizer: Kilograms

Total Lawns:
Total Fertilizer: Pounds

Total Fertilizer: Kilograms

Using This Lawn
Fertilizer Estimator.

Calculates for 1 pound of
nitrogen per 1000 square feet.

Enter length and width
of lawn in feet,

Lawn one, or both lawns.

Decide which fertilizer
you will use.

Enter the nitrogen percent
into the calculator.

Example: 35-3-5, is 35%
nitrogen, 3% phosphorus
and 5% potassium.
For this particular fertilizer,
enter 35 into the calculator.

To be totally sure, check
amounts with your suppliers
or contractors before


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