Lawnmower Runs

Get your lawnmower
running in top form.

Runs poorly

With a little maintenance
you can get your
lawnmower running in
top form.


A lawnmower has a small
gasoline engine that works
well for a long time
without much service.
Perhaps this is the reason
that little is done, until
one has to do something.

Eventually the small engine
runs poorly and the
lawnmower cannot do its
job properly.

How frustrating when you
have the time to cut a
lawn and the lawnmower
will not start or runs poorly.

To get your lawnmower
back in the running,
do these following simple

Open the cover over the
air cleaner, located near
the carburetor.
Usually just release a
plastic clip to open.

If the air filter is a
corrugated paper type,
brush it clean with a
paint brush or replace it.

If the air cleaner is a foam
type, wash it in warm
water with a few drops of
dish detergent, squeeze
out and let air dry.

Because it has been a
while since you did any
maintenance, replace the
spark plug.

Carefully dump any fuel
in the fuel tank into a
container, which you
can use in your vehicle
as it will mix with a
larger amount of fuel
and be okay.

Use fresh gasoline.

Remove the spark plug
wire from the spark
plug and turn your lawn
mower on its side.

Use a sharp stick and
scrape away all the grass
and dirt embedded on
the frame.

Follow up with a garden
hose and wash the top
and underside of the

This is also a good time to
remove the cutting bar
and sharpen.

Replace the spark plug

Your lawnmower is ready
to go.

A lawnmower that starts
and runs a few minutes
and stops is usually due
to a fuel cap where the
breather hole has
become plugged.


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