LED Shop Lighting

Calculate the LED lighting
for an average size
home shop using lumens.

LED Shop Lighting

LED shop Lighting
Planning Calculator

Entry Form

Length: In feet

Width: In feet

Lumens: One Lamp



Total Lumens:Required

Total Lamps:Required

Double Lamp:Fixtures


The dual 4 foot, 18 watt 5000K
single ended clear T8 tube
is a good choice

Whether you are changing
out T12s or doing a brand
new install, these 18 watt
tubes work well.

If you have existing T12
and you want to upgrade
to LEDs; you can reuse
these fixtures as the LEDs
will fit into them.

120 volt AC is applied only
to the one end of the tubes.

For dual tubes, on the power
end you require four conductor
tomb stones, to bridge the
power to both tubes.

On the far end you can use
the existing tombstones,
as there is no power there
and they are only used to
support the tubes.


LEDs use less energy.

LEDs turn on in cold

LEDs instantly turn
on bright.

Shop Calculator.

Enter lumens of one
4 foot LED light bulb.

Enter length and width
of room in feet.

LED bulb Lumens
range from 2600
to 6000s.
6000 range gets
into a bluer light.

Average preferred shop
lighting is 4000 to
5000 lumens.

5000 being daylight,
4000 being a softer light.

Average room requires
100 lumens per square foot.

This calculator is intended
for approximate estimating.

Color of ceiling and walls
will affect the lighting.

Rendering values range
from 0-100.

Rendering is accuracy in
seeing colors, aim for

Lighting Reflection

Window covering 40-50%

Walls 50% max.

Shop Equipment 25-45%.

Ceiling 70-80%

Floor 25-45%


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