Luggage Travel Tips

Buying travel luggage
suggestions and tips.

Travel Luggage
Buying Tips

Keep an open mind when
shopping for luggage because
luggage and the way people
travel has changed
dramatically in recent

Luggage should be able to
comfortably hold your
belongings and make your
travel more enjoyable.

It should take the weight
and strain off your back
and shoulders.

It may be important to think
about the size and empty
weight of your luggage.

What you're really purchasing
is a travel system with
various features.

Many brands offer
inter-connective luggage for
different needs.

Luggage is a long-term

Brand name luggage with a
strong warranty will be a
wiser buy, because replacement
luggage and parts are readily


For vertical luggage, a locking
handle system is important
because it prevents the handle
from damage if you decide to
check it.


It is much more practical to be
able to pull the luggage than
carry it by its handle or over
your shoulder.

Recessed wheels are
preferred because they are
less susceptible to damage.

Favor larger, rubberized
wheels with ball bearings
for smooth handling and

Wheels are sometimes
retractable or removable.

Try wheeling the luggage
on both carpeted and
un-carpeted surfaces.

Check the luggage
compatibility with your
hand and height.

Turn corners to check
its balance.

Outer Shells

There are three types of
outer shell luggage.

Hard sided luggage, soft
sided luggage, and semi-
soft sided luggage.

Hard-sided luggage protect
contents but are heavy and
They are either molded cases
made of materials such as
polypropylene, or ABS
plastics and covered with
materials such as leather,
vinyl or fabric.

Many hard-sided luggage
have wheels and pull straps.

Soft-sided luggage are a
great carry-on because they
are lightweight and are the
most expandable.

But they are less resistant to
impact, so think twice before
you check them if you're
carrying fragile objects.

Semi soft-sided luggage
combine the benefits of hard
and soft styles.

Semi-soft luggage are partially
framed and have expandable
tops and bottoms.

They are lighter in weight
than hard-sided luggage,
and give good protection
for your contents.

Most come with wheels and

Luggage come in a variety of
materials including leather,
nylon, vinyl, and molded

For soft and semi soft luggage
nylon is the strongest followed
by polyester (often combined)
Material is measured in
denier - the higher the denier,
the thicker the fiber.

Look for tight dense weave.


Modern, synthetic zippers
made of coils can self-repair
when the slide is run back
over the zipper.

Metal zippers with teeth are
tricky to repair.


Hard-sided luggage usually
has built-in combination

Soft and semi-soft luggage
mostly come with padlocks
and key locks that attach
to zipper pulls.


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