Restore Vehicle
Lug Nuts

How to restore used
wheel lug nuts.

painted wheel lug nuts

Restore Lug Nuts

Vehicle Wheel Nut lug

Simple Effective Solution

Vehicle Lug nuts

Winter conditions corrode
and rust lug nuts, even though
they are chrome coated.

This is especially true where
the roads have salt compounds
applied to the roads.

Painted Lug nuts

To repair rusted, corroded lug
nuts, you must first clean them.
Use a wire brush to remove
the rust and corrosion.

There are rotary power wire
brushes available to help
with this job.

It is good to have two sets
of lug nuts so you can rotate
lugs every season.

Build a rack to hold the lug
nuts for spray painting.

A wooden 2x4 with nails spaced
evenly will hold the wheel lug
nuts for painting.

Use one and a half inch
finishing nails, placed evenly
across the wood.

Use safety glasses, hand
protection and a face mask
while spraying.

Do the spraying outside
and use any wind to blow
the paint fumes away
from you.

Rotate the board to spray
from all four sides, and
spray down the center from
the top.

Leave in the sun to cure.


Clean and paint shortly after
changing the winter tires to

This way the painted lug nuts
will be ready for the next


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