Motor Vehicle Trivia

Old motor vehicle trivia
on some of the earlier
changes to vehicles.

Motor Vehicle

First hand powered windshield
rubber blade wiper invented
by Mary Anderson in 1903.

First electric powered
windshield wiper, using
rollers was invented by
Charlotte Bridgewood
in 1917.

First vacuum powered
windshield wiper was
invented by Fred and
William Filbert in 1921.

First intermittent windshield
wiper was created by
Robert Kearns in 1967.

First car heater in1893.
Margaret A Wilson.

First metal spoke wheels on
production cars was in 1932.

First synthetic rubber tires
on production
vehicles was in 1931.

First tubeless tires on
production vehicles
was in 1947.

First radial tires on
production vehicles
was in 1949.

First production car with
an alternator.
1960 Plymouth Valiant.

First production car with
a V16 engine.
1930 Cadillac (452).

First production car with
a V12, 1915 Packard.

First production car with
electric seats.
1947 Packard.

First production car with
replaceable oil filter.
1924 Chrysler.

First production car with
key start system.
1949 Chryslers.

Mirrors officially introduced
into production vehical in 1914.

First vehicle with the horn
button in the center
of the steering wheel.
1915 Seripp-Both Model C.

First vehicle fitted with
disc brakes on all
four wheels was in
1949 by Crosley Motors.

The Chrysler six Phaeton
B70 was equipped
with four wheel hydraulic
brakes in 1924.

Thomas L Tincher developed
power assist
brakes in 1903.

First self adjusting brakes
were invented by Cole
and Jewett in 1925.

First production car engine
with hydraulic valve lifters.
1930 Cadillac.

The first pick-up trucks
were shipped to dealers
in crates in 1933.

The first production car
with an electric sunroof.
1969 Cadillac.

Largest production 4
cylinder engine.
1907 Thomas (571 cu. in.)

First replaceable oil
cartridge filter.
1924 Chrysler.

First production motor
vehicle with seat belt.
1902 Baker Electric
Streamliner Racer.

First production car with
radio antenna embedded
in the wind shield.
1969 Pontiac Grand Prix.

First parking meter.
Pittsburgh 1913.

In 1917 Gilbert Collison
invented the dashboard
gas gauge.

Triangle gas gauge arrow
invented in 1986 by
Jim Moylan.


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