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Calculate MPG.

Cost per Kilometer.

Cost per Mile.

Liters per Hundred.

Gain/Loss Percent
Between Fill Ups.

When you calculate miles
per Gallon (mpg) you are
calculating economy in
terms of distance driven
with a certain amount
of fuel.

By tracking your gas
usage you can evaluate
your vehicle's fuel

By comparing the previous
fill-up to the present
fill-up, you can compare
your driving habits to
your fuel economy.

On a highway trip you
can compare highway
mpg to city driving mpg.

Entry Form

Kilometers: :Driven

Total Liters: :Fill Up

Fuel Cost:$::Fill Up

MPG::Last Fill Up



Cost Per Mile: Cents

Cost Per Kilometer: Cents

Liters Per Hundred Kilometer:

MPG Gain and Loss Percentage:

Using This MPG
Gas Mileage

At the fuel pump after fill up
access findnchoose MPG

This online calculator
gives you a direct answer
to your fuel economy.

From your odometer, input
distance traveled since last
fill up.

Input amount of liters
pumped, and cost per

Add in mpg calculated
at last fill-up and you
will know your mpg,
and gain or loss in fuel

Calculator online by
entering the information
directly into your smart phone.

Or write down the information
at the fuel pump and later
when at home, access MPG
calculator online and enter
the information into your
home computer.

Save your present mpg for
the next fill-up, to calculate
your new gain/loss percent.

Reset vehicle travel odometer,
ready for next time.

Gain/loss percent.
Positive answer is gain,
negative is loss.

Tips to Improve MPG

Check tire air pressure

Keep engine well tuned.

Change or clean the air filter

Drive at constant speeds.

Coast up to a red light, rather
than speeding, and then braking.

Start up smoothly when

Do not Idle unnecessary.

Higher speeds reduce gas
30 to 70 gets best vehicle
gas mileage.

At highway speeds keep
windows closed.

Change driving habits and
compare results.

Use air conditioning sparingly.

Maintain steady speeds.

Use higher gear where possible.

Do not ride the brake, use
pumping action.

Use different brands of fuel,
compare results.

Try different pumps, find the
one that gives more.

Try using synthetic oil and
compare results.

Compare summer driving to
winter fuel costs.

Compare your vehicles mpg
with another.

If mpg drops, check tires air

If mpg is not good consider
a tune up.


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