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Calculate MPG Imperial.
Cost per Kilometer.

Cost per Mile.

Liters per Hundred.

Gain/Loss Percent.

Fuel Economy

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Calculate Fuel Economy.

Kilometers: Driven

Total Liters: Fill Up

Fuel Cost:$: Fill Up

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Cost Per Mile: Cents

Cost Per Kilometer: Cents

Liters Per Hundred Kilometer:

MPG Gain and Loss Percentage:

Using This Canadian
Fuel Economy

At the fuel pump access

Online MPG Calculator

enter the information into
your smart phone.

Reset vehicle travel odometer,
ready for next time.

Or write down the fuel
pump information, later
when at home, access
MPG calculator online
and enter the
information into your
home computer.

Enter previous fill up MPG,
compute gain/loss percent.

Positive answer is gain,
negative is loss.

Save mpg information for
next fuel economy

In Canada we measure
vehicle fuel in liters.

This calculator, calculates
liters used into mpg,
cost per kilometer, cost
per mile and liters per
100 kilometers.

Track the percent gain
or loss in fuel economy
between fill ups, when
you gas up.


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