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This MPG
Wind Calculator.

This computer is based on
1.3 percent of wind
resistance for every MPH

Cross wind and head winds
affect mpg.

Surface area is a huge
factor, the bigger the surface
to the wind, the more the
gas mileage goes down.

Anything, even roof rails
cause drag which affects
gas mileage.

The higher the vehicle,
the more impact on the
coefficient of drag.

Wider tires produce more
drag than narrow tires.

Wind resistance increases
exponentially with speed.

This computer is based on
average vehicles and is
only intended for exploring
MPG and wind affect.

Tips to Improve MPG

Check tire air pressure

Keep engine well tuned.

Change or clean the air filter

Drive at constant speeds.

Coast up to a red light, rather
than speeding, and then braking.

Start up smoothly when

Do not Idle unnecessary.

Higher speeds reduce gas
30 to 70 gets best vehicle
gas mileage.

At highway speeds keep
windows closed.

Use air conditioning sparingly.

Use higher gear where possible.

Do not ride the brake, use
pumping action.

Try different pumps, find the
one that gives more.

Try using synthetic oil and
compare results.

If mpg drops, check tires air

If mpg is not good consider
a tune up.


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