MPG Comparison

Calculate the MPG with
an American gallon,
if you know your MPG
per Imperial gallon.

MPG Comparison

Compare Canadian MPG
To American

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MPG:Canadian Gallon
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MPG:US Gallon

Using This MPG
Comparison Calculator.

Enter MPG Canadian, or
Liters per hundred.

The American Gallon is smaller
than the Imperial gallon, it
take 1.2 US gallons to
make 1 Imperial gallon.

Gallon for gallon, you go
further on the Imperial

Tips to Improve MPG

Check tire air pressure regularly.

Keep engine well tuned.

Change or clean the air
filter regularly.

Drive at constant speeds.

Coast up to a red light,
rather than speeding,
and then braking.

Start up smoothly when

Do not Idle unnecessary.

30 to 70 gets best vehicle
gas mileage.

At highway speeds keep
windows closed.

Use air conditioning

Maintain steady speeds.

Use higher gear where

Do not ride the brake,
use pumping


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Compare Canadian MPG
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