Natural Hair Cleansing

Use natural hair grooming
products in your kitchen.

Natural Hair
Grooming Products

Natural hair grooming products
found in the kitchen.

Alternative Personal
Hair Care Products

Commercial personal care
products contain a lot of
substances that are
unpronounceable by the
average consumer.

How good are they for

Some of these additives can
cause problems with your
immune system and play
havoc with your hormones.

Some of the additives can
also give you a headache
from the artificial perfumes
they contain.

Some of the ingredients are
linked to cancer, allergies,
and irritations.

And last but not least they
are very expensive.

But do not feel discouraged
there are healthy alternatives
that can replace these retail

They are not only inexpensive,
but more than likely you have
some of them in your kitchen

Hair Shampoo, Detangle
Agent and Conditioner

Do you have to wash your
hair daily?

Not so long ago, people only
washed their hair weekly or
every two weeks.
Not only did their hair look good,
it was healthy too.

Shampooing hair too frequently
strips the hair of its natural oil.
And when you try to replace
this oil with synthetic conditioners
you start a vicious cycle that
causes you to over produce oil.

It seems that hair product
prices have become very costly.

And there seems to be a
different product for every
conceivable hair type and

The shelves are so full that
it is confusing to the average
Most of the time they will buy
hit and miss before they find
a product that they like.

You might want to give the
following alternative a try.

It may sound funny and even
a little odd, but you can clean
your hair simply and effectively
with baking soda, and apple
cider vinegar as a ph restorer and
effective detangling agent.

The following instructions have
been tried and proven by
the writer and countless

Depending on how much hair
you have the following amounts
can be adjusted, the average
head of hair will use:

1 tsp. baking soda mixed in
a plastic squirt bottle with
warm water for the wash and

1 Tbsp. Apple cider vinegar
mixed in another plastic squirt
bottle for the final rinse.

Use the plastic ketchup, mustard
and vinegar bottles that come
altogether in a package.
You can find these in a dollar
store or hardware store.

Start by combing your fingers
gently through your hair to
detangle it and loosen the grime.

Wet your hair in the shower
or over the sink, just like you
would when you start
to shampoo.

Slowly squirt and work the
baking soda mixture onto
your scalp and massage.

Continue to work the mixture
through your hair for a minute
or so.

Baking soda naturally strips
the hair of product build up
and dirt.

Rinse your hair thoroughly,
it will feel different than
when you use shampoo.

You may be tempted to repeat
this step, but it is clean,
no need to repeat.

Then slowly work the apple
cider vinegar mixture through
your hair being careful to
wet it thoroughly.

This is the best detangling
agent, I think, ever used.

Leave the vinegar in your
hair, do not rinse it out.
Yes there is a strong vinegar
smell while the hair is wet,
but it completely disappears
when your hair is dry.

Wrap your hair in a towel
turban style and firmly press
your hands against the towel
to help absorb the moisture
from your hair.

Do not rub your hair with the
towel as that will tangle it
and possibly break it or cause
split ends.

To comb out your hair use
a large wide toothed comb.

Notice how manageable it
feels, and your hair will
comb into style easily.

When the natural ph balance
is restored, the small scales
that make up the hair shaft
are all closed tightly.

Combing through your hair
with a wide toothed comb
will be a joy, and this also
gives an incredible shine
to your hair.

You will notice that you will
need to repeat this procedure
again in 2 or 3 days.
But as you continue this
technique of washing and
rinsing, you will eventually
be able to go longer between

You should be able to work
up to a week without needing
a hair wash.

You will notice with each
cleaning that your hair is
becoming more manageable,
and that your hair will
eventually return to the
healthy, vigorous hair of
your youth.

For some people, they will
find the first month is the
hardest, but for others you
will notice the benefits

You will feel healthier and
more energetic as your
body eliminates the foreign
chemicals from your body.


Most people will find that
the Apple Cider Vinegar will
work well enough that they
do not need a conditioner.

Then there a few people
who need something extra.

The following steps will give
a good conditioning to
your hair.

Just before you actually wash
your hair work a small amount
of coconut oil into the ends,
let it sit for a few minutes and
continue with the cleaning and
detangling routine.

Another good intensive hair
conditioner that you can use
weekly is the following:
Mix two eggs and a whole
mashed avocado, and apply
to wet hair.

Cover your hair with some
saran wrap then wrap in a
hot towel (place a towel
in a clothes dyer on hot for
a few minutes to achieve a
hot towel).
Leave the towel on your hair
for an hour.
Then wash and rinse with the
baking soda and vinegar.

Body Wash

A great alternative to the
perfumed and chemical laden
body wash is a product
called Dr. Bronners Magic

This is a pure Castile liquid
soap infused with organic
essential oils. These come
in a variety of essential oils,
such as Almond, Lavender,
Eucalyptus, Peppermint,
Rose, Baby Mild, Citrus,
and Tea Tree.

This lovely soap is completely
biodegradable, and natural
based in a combination of
organic extra virgin coconut,
olive, jojoba and hemp oils.

You will experience a few
moments of bliss when you
smell these incredible scents.
And emerge from your bath
or shower glowing with silky,
smooth skin.


I would like to introduce you
to a 100 percent natural mineral
salts crystal deodorant rock.
These little rocks are hypoallergenic,
fragrance free, they do not stain your
clothes and they are not sticky.

With proper use they will last
anywhere from 1 year to 2 years,
all for one very low price.

They are a great savings to
your budget.

The basis that they work on
is they place an invisible, topical
layer of minerals on your skin.
Which prevents your perspiration
from becoming a breeding ground
for bacteria, which will cause odor.

Deodorant rocks are generally
gentler to sensitive skin.
They do not cause irritation.

They do not reduce wetness,
but your body needs to
eliminate toxins through
this wetness.

They are available in roll-ons,
sprays, stick form or they look
just like a smooth rock.

Crystal rocks neutralize body
odors on underarms and feet.

To prepare yourself to start
using a deodorant rock elect
to start on a weekend that
you will not need to socialize.
For those two days wash as
usual but do not use your
commercial deodorant or any
form of deodorant.

This is called the cleansing
and flushing out time, where
your body will attempt
to rid itself of the chemicals built
up in your underarms.

On the Monday wash your
under arms and leave them
Slightly moisten the crystal
rock and apply as you would a
regular deodorant.

You will notice that the longer
you use this miraculous little
rock that you will only
need to use it infrequently
as you will be odor free
sometimes for days.

For the very sensitive person
I would recommend No Pong
anti-odourant. it is very gentle
and also very effective.


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