Growing Organic Beets

How to grow organic

Organic Beet Patch
organic beets

Growing Organic

To grow good organic
beets the soil must be
in top form, beets watered
daily, plenty of sunshine.

Organic Beet Plant
organic beet patch

Early in the Spring dig up
all the weeds, and dig in
sheep manure
(seasoned not fresh)
compost from last year,
bone meal and worm

Level out the area with a
rake, and determine
where the rows will go.

Using a hoe carve out
a V groove to place the
seeds in (one inch deep).

Drive in a stick at each end
to show where the seeds
are planted.

Place the seeds about two
inches apart and half inch

Cover over the seeds
and pat down lightly.

When all the beets are
planted lightly water.

Everyday the ground and
seeds must be kept damp
and not allowed to dry out.

When plants are established,
water every second day
until harvested.

About half way through
the season side dress
each plant with compost.


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