Paint Calculator

Calculate the quantity
of paint you will need
for a project.

Paint Calculator

Calculate Paint
Required for a Project

Entry Form

Length of Room: In feet

Height of Wall: In feet

Cost of Paint 3.64 Size Can


Square Feet:

Cans:3.64 Litre Size

Cost of Paint $

Tax not included.

Using This Paint

This calculator is based on 3.62
liter can of paint will cover 300
Square Feet.

A regular can of paint has 3.64
liter of paint.

Enter the length and height
of the wall in feet.

Enter cost of a can of paint.

Round off to next larger

To estimate an entire room
add all the lengths, then
enter that figure plus the

Note this is the bare
minimum required, add 10
percent for coverage of hard to
cover areas.

Normally one coat of paint
will not cover over everything,
it may take two or three coat,
depending on the color you
are trying to cover over.


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