Plant Nanny Automatic

Instructions on using
a Plant Nanny.

Plant Nanny
Care Free Watering

Plant Watering

Plant Nannys

Nanny Watering.

The plant nanny using a discarded
wine bottle to hold the water
and slowly deliver it to the plant.

The Nanny system will deliver
water to a plant for up to a
week before the bottle needs

A perfect solution for those
who are away from their
home for a short period of time.

The plant Nanny takes the
chore out of continual
watering every day.

Because the plant nanny waters
the roots of the plant, the top
soil stays drier and helps
prevent fungus.

When potting, place the plant
nanny in the pot with the plant

Fill the wine bottle with water,
place a finger over the outlet,
tip the bottle over and
place into the plant nanny.


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