Potato Project

This project compares wild
grown potatoes to garden
grown, over a season.

There is no other garden
crop that produces more
food per area, demands
less cultivation and stores
as easily as the potato.

Potatoes contain nearly
every important vitamin
and nutrient, lacking in
only vitamins A and D.

Potato Project

How do wild and garden
potatoes compare?

Garden grown potatoes.

Wild and Garden Grown

This project started with a
few left over seed potatoes.

The project was to compare
potatoes cultivated and
grown in a garden, to
those planted, but left to
the wild, no cultivating or

All watering is left to nature.

The potatoes in the forest
were planted in the spring,
and then checked in the fall.

The garden potato crop
is used as a comparison.

Wild grown potato plants.

Cultivated garden grown.

Bear scat

On approaching the potato
patch in the forest I came
across a black bear waiting
for me.

As I approached around a
path corner in the forest
it dropped a scat and
took off.

Whether or not it was going
to dig my potatoes, I don't

Wild potato plant, end of season

Wild potato crop

This potato project reveals
that it is possible to grow
potatoes wild in the forest.

There were many tree
roots everywhere in the
potato patch and could
not be dug up with a
shovel, so I used a grub

This resulted in many
potaoes been sliced with
the grub hoe.

The end finding is you can
grow potatoes in the wild,
but you will not get as
many, and most of them
will be smaller than garden

The findings also showed
that potatoes can grow
quite well in semi-shaded

We were able to cook a
batch of potatoes for

The conclusion is, the
wild potatoes didn't have
quite as nice of flavor
as the garden grown,
even though they were
of the same seed potato.

This tends to prove that
additives added to the soil
enhances the flavor
of potatoes.


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