Adult Potty Buddy

Build an adult potty

Adults Potty Buddy

Build Your Own Potty

Potty buddy

Potty Buddy

The Potty Buddy allows a
person to position their body
over the toilet in a perfect
squat position.

When the knees are brought up,
the internal body organs align
for easy elimination.


This Potty Buddy is 9 inches at
the high end, sloping downward
to 8-3/4 inches.

The potty buddy can be built
level, sloped backward, or
forward, it is your choice.

Height can be 5 inches to 9
inches, to suit your

There are 5 pieces to this
Potty Buddy.

The legs are double 3/4 inch
plywood, glued together.

The top is a single 3/4 inch

The individual pieces are
shaped and sanded,
assembled, stained, and

The top is glued and nailed to
the legs.

Top view

Leg view

Assembled view


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