Portable Metal Car
Ramp Extension

How to add an extension
to a car portable metal

Ramp for low clearance

Car Ramp

Ramp Extension For Low
Clearance Vehicles.

Low clearance car ramp

Portable Metal
Car ramp

Low clearance cars cannot
drive directly up onto a
standard vehicle ramp that
is sold at auto-parts

If the vehicle is too low,
the front of the vehicle
extends past the tires at
a distance that causes the
front bumper to touch the
ramp before the wheels.

Another problem is the
ramps steepness.

The vehicle tends to push
the ramp instead of

The solution is to extend the
ramp to get a less severe
incline, which overcomes
the problem of the ramp

A gently sloping ramp is
very easy, and safer to
drive up on, and position
the vehicle on the ramp

An 8 foot 2x10 board cut
in half allows 4 feet of
extension for both wheels.

Ramp extension showing
two carriage bolts in place
that drop into the meta
l ramp to keep it in place.

A piece of 3/4 inch plywood
is screwed across both
ends of the 2x10 for extra

Front of car touching

Ramp extension added.

Car up on ramp.

Shows under side of

Metal ramp, shows existing
holes to drop carriage
bolted plank into

Drop the extension board
onto the metal ramp with
the 2 inch protruding
carriage bolts into the
existing holes in the
metal ramp.

This secures the board
to the metal ramp.

Place a 10 inch long 4x4
wood post under the
ramp and slide to the
lower side until snug.
This adds extra strength
to the middle of the
ramp extension.


Slope the ends of the
board 3/4 of an inch for
easy climbing.

Always apply handbrake,
place the vehicle in gear,
or park, and block the
rear tires to prevent the
vehicle from


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