Cleaning Refrigerator
Cooling Coils

Refrigerator cooling coils,
cleaning instructions.

Cooling Coils

Cleaning Refrigerator
Cooling Coils

How a Refrigerator

A refrigerator is a heat pump
which removes heat from
the inside of the refrigerator,
where the food is, and
pumps the heat out into
the room.

By removing the heat
from the inside of the
refrigerator, the food

The thermostat determines
the proper temperature
inside the refrigerator, by
regulating the run time of
the heat pump.

The heat pump has two
sets of pipe coils, one set
of coils within the
refrigerator which gathers
up the heat inside the

The other set of coils
release the heat into
the room.

The process takes place by
the heating and cooling of a
special fluid inside the coils,
which is pumped around
in a closed circuit within
the coil of pipes.

A refrigerator loses its cooling
capacity when the cooling
coils cannot release the
heat to the outside of the

Dust and grime prevent heat
from leaving the cooling coils.
Anything covering the coils
acts like an insulator, and
prevents heat from leaving,
in which case, little or no
cooling takes place, or the
cooling ability is reduced.

Most modern refrigerators
take in room temperature
air to cool the coils, at the
front, bottom, below the

The air enters on the one
side, passes over the
cooling coiling, makes
a loop around, and
exits on the opposite
side of the refrigerator.

The hot air is released
into the room.
The air is moved by
a fan.

On the modern fridge,
there is a removal grill
on the lower bottom,
front of the refrigerator,
below the refrigerator

Directly behind the grill
is the heat removing

The older refrigerators
have the heat removing
coils on the back of the
fridge, and no fan is used.

There must be enough air
movement behind the
refrigerator to cool the

Cleaning Refrigerator
Cooling Coils

Unplug the refrigerator,
place some protection on
the floor, like cardboard
to prevent scratching
of the floor.

Roll the refrigerator it away
from the wall.

Remove the bottom front
lower grill, vacuum out as
much dust off the coils
from the front as you can

Remove the cardboard or
metal cover from the back
of the refrigerator, to get
at what you can't reach
from the front.

There is a long narrow
crevice tool, that you can
buy, which fits on the
end of most vacuum
hoses, to reach further
into the inside bottom
of the fridge.

In a pinch, a long narrow
stick with a damp rag
tied around the end will
also work to pick up
the dust off the coils.

Clean the dust behind
the refrigerator, and inside
the back of the refrigerator,
around the compressor.

On older refrigerators that
have the coils on the back,
the coils can be
vacuumed off with a brush
attachment on the vacuum
cleaner hose.

A fan, mounted inside the
refrigerator, near the back,
circulates the air past the
coils, clean the dust off
the motor and fan blades.

The motor will run cooler.

Most of these fan motors
are lubricated for life and
never need to be oiled.

Refrigerator cooling coils
should be cleaned at
least once a year, and
more where there is
a pet in the family.

The refrigerator with clean
cooling coils, runs less,
lasts longer, and uses
less electricity.


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Cooling Coils,
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