Boost Your Refrigerator

Boost your refrigerators

Refrigerator Efficiency

How To Boost Your Fridges
Efficiency and Save Dollars.


All refrigerators have a door
seal, a rubber-like gasket
attached to the door to help
keep the cool air inside and
the hot air out of the refrigerator.

If you suspect that the gasket
is faulty, a quick way to check
this is to close the door on a
piece of paper at various
locations around the complete
length of the seal.
The paper should be snug and
not just slip out easily.

Keep the gasket clean by
using an old toothbrush and
some soapy water.

The seal should not be brittle
or cracked, if so it should be

You can attempt this yourself
or have it replaced by your
local repair people.

Also you can Increase the
efficiency of your fridge by
removing the dust from the
cooling coils, the fridge won't
have to work as hard, resulting in
saved emery costs.

The coils are located underneath
the refrigerator and are usually
black and look like a series of
small tubes.

Clean your refrigerator condenser
coils with a condenser cleaning

A long stick with a soft rag
stapled to the end will also

Each time you remove the stick
with the cloth, vacuum it off.

Take note that there is a fan
that is towards the back of
the coils, watch you don't
run into it.

On some refrigerators you
have to use compressed air
to blow out the lint and
dust as there is no room
for a brush.


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