Roof Snow Load

Calculate square footage
and snow load.

Roof Snow Load

Entry Form

Roof Length: Feet

Roof Width: Feet

Snow Depth: Inches


Square Feet: Area

Weight Lbs.: Per Square Foot

Weight Lbs.: Total Roof Area

Roof Snow Load

Enter length and width
of roof in feet.

Enter Depth of snow
in inches.

If there is two sides to
roof area, double answer
to get total square foot,
and snow weight.

1/8 inch=.125
1/4 inch= .25
1/2 inch= .50
3/4 inch= .75

This calculator will calculate
the square feet of roof
and weight of snow on roof.

This calculator is based
on heavy packed snow.

The wind blown, wet, and
heavy snow is the snow
to be really concerned
The weight multiplies
quickly as it is packed
or saturated with water.

At some point the roof
may need to be shoveled.

This calculator is approximate
as snow weight varies
according to denseness
and wetness of snow.

Each area will have a different
safe snow load, check
with the city.


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Calculate the square
feet and snow load
on a roof,
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