Attic Venting Calculator.

Calculate, attic square
footage to determine
roof vents required.

Attic Venting

Calculate the number
of vents required.

Entry Form

Attic Width: In Feet

Attic Length: In Feet

Venting: Compliance Figure

Vent Size: In Sq. Inches


Square Feet: Total

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Square Inches: Of Code

Vents: Required

The purpose of roof vents
is to prevent rot of the roof

If you do not have roof
vents, any moisture
entering the attic area
from the main house area
could condense and
cause rot.

The roof vents also allow
hot summer air in the
attic to escape, which
helps to keep the living
area cooler.

There are many different
types of roof vents, the
more common is the
individual types, the roof
full length peak type,
and the attic end wall
type where applicable.

They all work in the same
way, continually changing
the air in the attic.

Note, there must also be
intake air venting on
the soffit to replace air
leaving the attic space.

Attic Venting
Calculator Instructions

Enter width of attic flooring
in feet.

Enter length of attic flooring
in feet.

Enter compliance figure,
1/150(150), 1/300(300).
One square foot for every
150-300 of attic square

Enter square inches of
vents. example:72 square
inch vent NFVA.

This is a attic and roof
vent guideline.


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