Rain Gutter Scoop

Build a rain gutter
cleaning scoop.

Rain Gutter
Cleaning Scoop

Rain Gutter Scoop

Metal Rain Gutter
Scoop Plans.

Rain Gutter

Rain gutters gradually fill
up with leaves, needles, and
what ever the wind brings.
Over time this material
flattens, and hardens.

Water pressure cleaning
is sometimes not enough.
This is when you need a
metal scoop to shovel
out the rain gutter.

Rain gutter scoop plans

Make up a cardboard template
from the plan dimensions.
Lay the template over a sheet
of tin and trace with a marker

Cut along the lines. Fold up the
sides to 90 degrees.

wrap the first rear side across
to meet the other side, bend
the tab and fit to the inside.

Bend second side and bend the
tab to fit on the outside.

Bend the back up and fold
over the top and squeeze
tight with pliers.

Drill a hole on both sides,
and pop rivet through the
side and tab.

Place handle on the rear
of the metal scoop angling
upward, secure with two
metal screws.

Construct the handle, from
a piece of wood 6-1/2
inches long, cut one end at
20 degrees.


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