Line Shelves and

Instructions are provided
on how to line shelves,
and drawers.

How to Line Shelves
Cupboards and Drawers

Lining Shelves

Use vinyl wallpaper to line your

Dishes and bottles slide out easy,
and the liner is cleaned, with
just a quick wipe.

Choose a wallpaper where the
design does not have to be
matched, so you will not
have to piece the wallpaper
to match designs.

The wallpaper is strippable,
so it easy to change the
liner at any time.

Installing Liners

Clean the old wood shelf
thoroughly, remove all dust.

Use a wallpaper sizing on the
shelves according to instructions,
that came with the roll, before
applying the wallpaper.

Cut the wall paper to size, we
and apply to surface.

Work out any wrinkles and air
bubbles with a damp cloth.

Start from the center and work

If the wallpaper tends to curl
up, stack some heavy books
or object on top until the
glue dries.


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