Recycled Concrete Path

Make creative garden
paths, from discarded
concrete sidewalks.

Creative Garden
Path Ideas

Recycle Two Inch Thick
Concrete Slabs
Into Garden Paths.

Creative Garden Path

Recycled Concrete

Making a Concrete
Slab Path
in the garden

Locate broken up concrete
sidewalks and driveways.

You may know of a place in
the bush where someone
dumped a load.

Removing the discarded
concrete helps clean up
the environment.

Check with local builders,
or the city to find out
where they dump used

You could run an ad in the
local paper.

When you locate a source
and get it to your yard, lay
out the pieces good side up,
the way you will use them,
so you can see all the

Putting together the pieces
to make a concrete slab
path is like working on
a jigsaw puzzle.

A hammer and chisel is
useful for knocking off
unwanted corners or
resizing the shape.

Wear protective glasses
when working on the
To cut a slab in half, make
chisel marks across the back
side of the piece, drop the
slab onto a corner of another
piece while overhanging it
the concrete will break
following the chisel line.

Level out the area that will
be used for the path, lay
the pieces, make different
looking designs by using
different sizes and shapes.

When all the pieces are
in place, fill the spaces
between with dirt.

It will take time for all
the to settle into place,
a couple good rains will
help settle the pieces
into place.

Recycled Concrete
and a Retaining Wall

Some pieces are laid flat,
others on end.

Front lawn retaining wall


Use safety glasses,
and gloves.

Place landscape fabric
under slabs to
discourage weeds.


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