Get a Better Rest

Tips to a better rest.

Sleep Helps

Try to go to bed and
awake at the same time
each day as the body
tends to develop habits.

Try and leave some relax
time before going to bed,
to let the body calm down.

A relaxing non-caffeine
herbal tea may help
such as chamomile tea.

Always work out an
argument with a spouse
before the day ends,
if it is possible,
otherwise compromise.

One or both spouses
may need to say they
are sorry, and forgive
each other.
It is surprising how
voicing, I am sorry,
can mend a hurt.

Work out domestic
problems in the daytime,
as nighttime is not the
time to work through

The day has brought
enough challenges, and
you need a clear rested
head to work through

The level at which you
sleep changes as you

As you age there is less
deep sleep and more
light sleep.

Sleep patterns change as
you age and so do sleep

The more hours you sleep
before midnight, the more
restful is the sleep.

Block out any city lights
that may enter your
bedroom as the body
chemistry responds to
the dark to promote

If you exercise, do it
in the afternoon, not
before bedtime.

If your mind tends to
"race", try reading a book
as this will get your mind
focusing in a different
direction and help you
become drowsy.


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