Small Engine Fuel

Test the small gasoline
engine for a fuel problem.

Small Engine Fuel
Problem Testing

With a few tests on a small
engine the cause of a fuel
problem can be located.

Testing Small Engine
Fuel Delivery

Most small engines use a
gravity flow fuel delivery
The fuel tank is mounted
higher than the carburetor.

When testing for a fuel
problem first check for
fresh fuel, and a clean
air filter.

Next to confirm if a the
small engine has a fuel
problem or something else.

Clean any dirt away from
around the spark plug.
Carefully remove the spark
plug ignition wire and
spark plug.

Add a tablespoon of gasoline
down into the spark plug hole.

Replace the spark plug
and ignition wire.

Give the start rope a pull,
if the engine runs a short
time you indeed have a
fuel problem.

If the engine does not start
you probably have an
ignition problem rather
than a fuel problem.

Most small engines have
a fuel filter located between
the fuel tank and the

Remove the fuel line at the
carburetor, if no fuel comes
out, the fuel filter is plugged,
clean or replace it.

If fuel come out of the fuel
line, the fuel problem is
within the carburetor.

The usual problem within
the carburetor is the fuel
jets are plugged from old
stale fuel or dirt that
somehow has got there
with the fuel.

The solution is to dismantle
the carburetor and clean
it out with carburetor cleaner,
and compressed air.


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